Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Seminar Evaluations 2013

As this year is coming to a close I picked out a few evaluations. Thanks to all those who attended our seminars in 2013, it was great to meet you.........

ECG Seminar (20 & 21 March)
"The course was very well structured and presented excellently. Made it very easy to understand each section. I enjoyed the sections where you work out the ECGs yourself following each subject"

Advanced ECG Master Class (22 March)
"I went back to CCU buzzing after I attended this day. I now feel more confident about SVTs and axis deviation in particular. Course materials very high quality! Would be great if this could be a 2 day course. Location in London a bit tricky to find."

ECG Seminar (30 & 31 May)
"The pace was perfect and everything was explained very well. We had the opportunity to ask questions throughout both days. Brilliant!"
Student CP

Advanced ECG Master Class (28 Oct)
"Thanks for a great day. Being an echo tech I hardly ever get to look at ECGs anymore so this was a great refresher."
Senior CP

ECG Seminar (7 & 8 November)
"I like the way Maxine paused for decent lengths of time as she made new points. Perhaps a little more 'group work' or moving around the room to do activities may help concentration. Overall excellent, thoroughly enjoyable course, learnt loads! Good graphics and slides!"

ECG Seminar (7 & 8 November)
"In an ideal world a 3 day course would be ideal - with day 3 as a practice day looking at a variety of ECGs all on individual basis to reinforce the 2 days of learning points. Good gradual progression throughout the 2 days - logical and good pace"
RGN Cardiac Catheter Lab

ECG Seminar (7 & 8 November)
"I felt the tutor provided excellent lectures which were easy to understand and follow. She regularly checked our knowledge and went over what we didn't understand. It was good that the powerpoint slides were just prompts and Maxine used her knowledge and experience around them."
Name not given

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