Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Module 1.2 Vectors and Waveforms

Good news everyone, Module 1.2 Cardiology Basics, Vectors & Waveforms is ready for viewing. Click on the link or visit our website, yes you hear it right, Cardio Rhythms Online website is up and running, check out the pictures from the launch party on the main page.

This module is completely free, best things in life are, and you are free to share it with friends and family, just show us some love and give us some feedback.

For those of you using Apple products, you will have to download a free app to play the module using the Articulate player, you can follow the instructions on the screen or click on this link to install it manually.

A big thank you from Cardio Rhythms Online and we hope to see you very soon.

Max & Oscar

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